The Power Of Branding On The Internet

The importance of talking to grow and strengthen brand has always been acknowledged as the most powerful component of any successful branding campaign. Over the past few years the internet and ipad, smartphones and the apps developed to extend their value have catapulted the power of branding into the hands of anyone with a digital connection. Just look at the internet Marketing businesses popping up in the hundreds and thousands daily around the world. 
Word of mouth has now emerged to be even more powerful given a single persons word has the power to reach the farthest corners of the globe in a matter of just seconds. Big brands have cleverly used this to their advantage to get a head start on the vast majority of businesses around the globe. 
It is time for all businesses product or service based to be looking seriously at how they are going to ride the wave:
Extracts from - Allen Adamson book, 50 tips from Brands that lead 
  • Word of mouth will happen with or without you. Use it to learn what you’re doing right. Use it to learn how you can improve the brand experience.
  • Short jokes are easier to tell than long ones. Consumers can only tell your brand story the way you want it told if you’ve sharply defined it for them.
  • Always remember that when something impacts a consumer’s life on a personal level they’re more likely to share it.
  • For people to want to pass along a brand experience it must be extraordinary. Make sure you give them something to talk about.
  • Make it easy for consumers to share your brand story with others. Give them a platform or forum to pass along their input.
  • Consumers like to be recognized and thanked for their loyalty. Acknowledge consumers who have something nice to say about your brand. Reward their support.
  • Consumers vote with their wallets. Treat your brand’s advocates like the shareholders they are.
By Gail Worthington-Eyre

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